The terms “user experience design” (UX) and “user-centric design” (UCD) are often used interchangeably, in reality there is a distinction between the two.

The term UX (acronym for User eXperience) refers to the quality of the user experience in any interaction situation. It describes the overall experience felt by the user when using an interface, a digital device or more broadly in interaction with any device or service (Norman, 1990).

As for user-centered design, it is a philosophy or approach to the process, design and development where the needs, expectations and specific characteristics of end users are taken into account…

In continuity with the previous article regarding the user-centric design process. As promised, we are going to explore a method each time.

Since the ideation phase is a master phase, it is considered as the cornerstone of this process, this article will focus on a method of this phase where we give meaning to the information collected on users, their activities and the context it is the persona .

Theoretical foundations of the personas method

The term “persona” comes from the Latin “personare” which means “to speak through”, this notion refers to the mask worn by the actors to be able to adopt the appearance of…

Nour Abdeljaoued

UX researcher / UX instructor

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